“Now YOU can learn about retirement planning in plain English. Planning for retirement can be confusing. I cut through all the industry jargon so YOU can learn how to achieve your retirement goals.”

About Chris

Hi, I’m Chris Hammond. Welcome to my blog.

Chris Hammond Savannah, TN
Chris Hammond

I’m a financial advisor at an independent financial planning firm called Tri-State Financial Group. Our firm has been serving our community since 1982, when my father Bobby Hammond founded it. (He’s still with us and going as strong as ever before.)

Bobby Hammond. Still “going strong”

We are called “Tri-State” because if you look on the map where we are located (Savannah, TN) it is right near the tristate region where Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama all meet. Hence the name Tri-State Financial Group.


I built this website as an educational tool to help my current clients stay up to date with what’s happening in the retirement world. Sending out a quarterly newsletter to my clients is fine, and I still do it. But I discovered that I needed (and they too) more opportunities for me to answers their questions and point them in the right direction concerning retirement issues.

Of course, now the site serves as an educational tool for anyone with an internet connection. Through the magic of the internet I have been able to educate people all across the United States. I’ve even reached new people from all over the United States that decided to become clients of mine and work with me virtually through web conferencing, phone calls and email communication.

All this from an educational website! It truly goes to show, the more you give the more you get!

So that’s what this blog is all about. Helping people take the right steps to retire with confidence.

Just so you know… I have no patience with financial advisors that use industry jargon that no one else understands. It is my firm belief that retirement planning can (and should) be put into plain English that anyone can understand. 

If you can’t understand what a financial advisor is saying, how will you ever be able to take steps toward a better financial future?

That’s why on this blog I put retirement issues into easily understood language. The only time you’ll hear industry jargon is if it’s followed by a simple explanation AND a reason for why you need to know about it. If it is not going to help you retire with confidence, then I’m not going to talk about it on this blog.

This blog is for people that want to have a successful retirement. They want the knowledge it takes to do this, and they want it in plain English. My goal is to help you achieve your retirement goals.

So here’s a little about me:

  • I grew up in a small town of less than 7,000 people called Savannah, TN. I graduated from Hardin County High School.
  • I graduated from University of Tennessee Knoxville with a Finance degree. I loved it so much I went back and got my MBA.
  • I am married to a wonderful woman. We have 4 kids.
  • I used to be a banker, underwriting loans. I pretty much lived everyday neck deep in financial statements, analyzing the credit worthiness of large Fortune 500 firms, wealthy individuals, and even other smaller banks.
  • I left banking and went into financial planning, helping people achieve their retirement goals.
  • I use my “numbers skills” to put together financial plans for my clients, to help them retire with confidence.

My ultimate goal with Retirement Planning Made Easy is to help you in the following two ways:

  1. Give you easy to understand explanations on issues that are extremely important to retirees. From investment strategies, annuities, Social Security, relevant news related to retirement and much more.
  2. Show you how to implement retirement strategies such as putting together a retirement income plan, and even how to avoid making some common mistakes related to annuities that could potentially cost you $1,000’s.

That’s my goal. To help make your retirement planning much easier. And to make your retirement a reality.

Welcome to Retirement Planning Made Easy.

Contact Information:

Phone: 731-925-8351
Email: [email protected]
Address: 95 Tennessee St. Savannah, TN 38372

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