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Five Reasons Not to Invest in an Annuity… and 5 Reasons You May Want To

You may have gone to a seminar dinner where you were given an annuity sales pitch. And the sales pitch made annuities sound like the best thing in the world, and that everyone needs to buy one.

But the reality is, an annuity is not right for everybody.  For some people they are very good products designed to help them plan for their retirement. For other people there’s just not a need for that based on the person’s circumstances.

And what happens a lot of times is that people buy an annuity when they don’t really need one. And they may buy one for the oddest of reasons. Unfortunately sometimes these reasons can be because a certain type of advertising or marketing led them to believe something that wasn’t true.

So here are five reasons not to invest in an annuity. And after these we’ll get to the five reasons why you may want to invest in an annuity.Continue Reading

Top 3 Best Fixed Annuities For Retirement Planning

I’ve said many times before that annuities are not for everyone. But for many people they can be fantastic retirement planning tools.

But there are a lot of different types of annuities available on the market.

Perhaps the biggest broad distinction in the annuity camp is between “fixed” annuities and “variable” annuities. The big difference here is that “fixed” annuities do not have market risk, whereas “variable” annuities can decline in value if the sub-account investments do poorly.

But within these 2 camps of annuities, there are yet still more distinctions. It can be confusing.

So today I’m going to focus on the “fixed” annuity side and tell you about the 3 best fixed annuities for retirement planning. So here we go.Continue Reading

What Makes A Retirement Investment Good For You? 5 Important Reasons.

Have you ever had a friend tell you about the new “awesome” restaurant in town? And they are all-in “gung-ho” about it? So much so that they can’t see how anybody in their right mind would not think this is the best restaurant in town.

I have. And it wasn’t just one person. It was a lot of people that loved this restaurant. So my wife and I ate there one night.

It. Was. Awful.

Either they ran out of their normally served food and were heating up TV dinners, or everyone in my town had forgotten what good food tasted like.

It wasn’t for me. Not my cup of tea.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different tastes.

Not only that, but when it comes to a retirement investment plan, everyone has different needs.

Since you are different from everyone else, the same investment that is perfect for someone else may not be good for you.

So here is a list of 5 things that make a retirement investment good for youContinue Reading

Fixed Index Annuities: How Annual Reset Helps Protect Your Portfolio

It seems like fixed annuities have become much more popular lately. A lot of it probably has to do with all the market volatility.

It is natural for investors to seek safety when their portfolios are going up, then down, then up, then down…

High volatility in your investment portfolio can be very scary. Especially if you are retired, or soon to be retired.

For most retirees, probably even you, their investment portfolio will be the source of funds they use to supplement income from Social Security and their pension (if they are lucky enough to have a pension).

When their portfolio starts to decline in the market, visions of “living only on income from Social Security” dance through their heads. It’s not a happy dance.Continue Reading

7 Ways An Annuity Can Help You During Difficult Investing Markets (Like Today’s Markets)

The year 2016 has started with stocks going down.

That’s fine. Remember it’s just a short-term thing so far. And any investor should think long-term when investing in the markets.

However, it can still be unsettling.

And what’s really dangerous about this is that the average investor has a tendency to panic when market corrections occur.

This can cause them to sell out after a big drop. And if a rebound occurs their money is not invested to take advantage of it.

This is a real thing that the average investor does and it can cost them a lot of money.Continue Reading

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