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Did you know the right estate planning documents could save you and your family thousands of dollars? It’s true. And they are simple to set up.

In today’s video I interview Estate Planner and Elder Law Attorney, Nancy Choate. She has 27 years of experience practicing law. She helps her clients with estate planning, protecting their family’s assets, and navigating the laws surrounding Medicaid.

You don’t want to miss this interview because in it we discuss:

  1. The biggest mistake she sees people make on a regular basis regarding estate planning.
  2. The biggest estate planning mistake she has personally seen a family make that could easily have been avoided.
  3. The Top 3 Most Important Estate Planning Documents

Check out the video below to make sure you aren’t making any of the common estate planning mistakes. As well as to see if you have the 3 most important estate planning documents in place for your retirement plan.

Make sure that you have taken care of the 3 Most Important Estate Planning Documents. A qualified estate planning attorney can do this for you.

And if you are a resident of the state of Tennessee, you can learn more about Nancy Choate and her law firm by visiting www.NancyChoate.com

And while you are there don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter. You can sign up for it at this address, http://nancychoate.com/Page/Newsletters. Just scroll to the bottom of that page and there is a box to input your email address to receive updates from her each month.

In Summary

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The proper estate planning documents can easily be set up by talking to a qualified attorney. And since they can help you preserve your assets they are a huge benefit to yourself and your family.


Chris Hammond