Our Services

At Retirement Planning Made Easy we focus on designing portfolios to help retirees, and those nearing retirement, to do the following:


  • Generate increasing income guaranteed for the rest of their life

  • Help preserve and potentially grow their money

  • Provide liquidity for emergencies

 … and to do all 3 of these at the same.


We do this by designating 3 “sub-portfolios”: The first is designed to provide increasing income guarantees over time, the second is designed to help grow and replenish their principal, and the third is designed to be liquid in case of emergencies.


Some financial products are great at generating income but not so great at growth potential. Some financial products are great at growth potential but not so great at guaranteeing income.


By using the right mixture of products and letting each one focus on doing what it is best at, this process can help add increased stability to a person’s retirement plan.


Using our simple 3-step meeting process we are able to quickly allow our clients to put into place the plan and strategy to help them pursue their retirement goals and help them overcome the challenges they are facing.




This is where we learn more about your goals and challenges you are facing as you prepare for retirement.


This is where we help you redesign your portfolio in a mathematically correct way for the new phase of life you are in


This is the step where we help you bring your plan to life with the right products and the right companies.