• Allows you to choose (if you want) to ignore the market ups and downs
  • Guarantees that you never run out of income, and
  • Potentially preserves 100% of your lifetime savings so you don’t run out of money in retirement

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You will also receive the link to a 20 minute webinar that goes even deeper into the Retirement Income Acceleration System to share concepts with you that could potentially help you:

  • reduce (or eliminate) anxiety you’re feeling about portfolio losses,
  • figure out how to make withdrawals from your savings over time without worrying about fully depleting your savings,
  • how to help get sufficient growth for your money to last you the rest of your life in retirement, and more.

 You’ll also learn:

  • How annuities should be used in a retirement portfolio (and how they shouldn’t be used), to guarantee lifetime income for you (and your spouse), and possibly even make you more comfortable investing the remainder of your portfolio in a more higher growth-potential strategy for retirement
  • How annuities (if properly structured) can provide you increasing income over a 20+ year retirement to help you keep up with rising costs of living
  • Find out what are the 3 most common annuities for retirees, and how to help you know which one (if any) is right for you
  • The 2 biggest strengths annuities can bring to a retiree’s portfolio to help you be more financially secure throughout your retired years
  • How annuities can be used to help protect your portfolio from a stock market correction
  • One (often overlooked) way annuities can help you pinpoint the exact future date when you can afford to retire
  • The exact process used to generate lifetime guaranteed income, without putting all (or even the majority) of your funds in an annuity
  • How to build a mathematically correct portfolio for the new retirement phase of life you are in (or soon entering)
  • How there is no “single product” solution that can address the biggest concerns retirees have of growing their money over time, never running out of income, and maintaining sufficient liquidity… BUT how there is quite possibly a solution at the holistic portfolio level that can help you do all these things
  • How to preserve your principal over the duration of your retirement, while also having income withdrawals that are deposited in your bank account every month if you want, regardless of what the stock market does in the short-term
  • How using just a portion of your portfolio in annuities can quite possibly make you a much more successful long-term investor in retirement without having to watch and time the market on a daily basis
  • How you can potentially simplify the maintenance of your portfolio to literally one hour per year, so you can focus on all the other things you want to do in retirement and not constantly have to ask yourself, “Should I sell/buy something?” based on what the market has recently done

These 2 ebooks (and the 20 minute webinar) are jammed with tips and concepts you can apply to your own retirement starting today. They are yours free when you enter your information above.

My name is Chris Hammond.

I have been helping people since 2012 plan for their retirements, by helping them have income they can never outlive, income that gets bigger over time to help keep up with inflation, help protect people’s principal so they won’t have to worry about running out of money in their elderly years, and help them build in sufficient liquidity and flexibility along the way.

And most importantly… do all of these things at the same time.

I wrote these ebooks to help you learn how to achieve these goals. Enjoy!

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