My proprietary 5-Phase Financial Strategy that has helped retirees and near retirees…

  • Create predictable income for life. 
  • Income that keeps getting bigger over the years.
  • Without fully depleting or forfeiting their nest egg. 
  • AND allowing you to help preserve some or all of your life savings balance throughout retirement.


The 8 Crucial Questions  

If you are in the position of being retired or nearing retirement, here is a list of 8 Crucial Questions for you to consider when choosing a financial advisor and retirement plan. Specifically, if you can not answer “YES” to EVERY question on this list then The Retirement Income Acceleration System could add crucial weight to your financial security and retirement planning. 

The 3 Foundational Financial Buckets  

Most financial strategies are good at either “Growing” your nest egg OR creating “Income” for you to live off… But NOT both…  

The first step to added financial security in retirement is to understand the 3 Financial Buckets that allow you to generate the income you need AND the growth potential you require to help keep your nest egg intact.

The Ladderred Income Growth Strategy  

By mathematically combining multiple income generating tools, you can create an income producing portfolio that Grows over time… So the inevitable increasing cost of living doesn’t eat away at your standard of living.

The ARIS Lifetime Income Portfolio  

By combining the 3 Financial Buckets with the Laddered Income Growth Strategy and our mathematical process we can create a tailor made strategy that allows you to generate increasing retirement income, cover for emergencies while leaving money allocated for growth potential.

Hi, I'm Chris Hammond

from Retirement Planning Made Easy, and I help retirees and near retirees across the country create predictable income for life… Income that keeps getting bigger over the years… without fully depleting or forfeiting your nest egg.  

I do this with my Retirement Income Acceleration System that is delivered throughout most of the USA from our financial planning practice in Savannah, Tennessee.  

The Retirement Income Acceleration System is a specific and detailed strategy that gives you predictable income for life. Income that grows over time, without fully depleting your nest egg.  

The Retirement Income Acceleration System has been responsible for helping many of our clients enjoy their retirement years by specifically…  

● Helping protect your retirement income so it WON’T be affected by a stock market downturn ● Helping ensure you never run out of income in old age ● Setting up income so it automatically gets bigger over time ● Reducing the time spent managing finances – down to just a few hours a year ● AND allowing you to help preserve some or all of your life savings balance throughout retirement… All at the same time 

Without it, you may be at risk of losing money, running out of money or not producing enough income from your nest egg.  

With it, you can get your nest egg working for you in a way that creates predictable income, that increases over time, while still leaving money allocated for growth potential.  

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