I’ve spoken some in the past about getting organized.

And it seems like a hot topic during the beginning of any year with all the resolutions being made. By the time February rolls around everyone knows most resolutions are already forgotten. Creating a new habit loop is very difficult for people. It seems we need good rewards to stick with a new habit until it becomes routine.

One habit that has paid off in spades for me is bookkeeping for my business.

The reward?

Knowing where I stand financially. Guaranteeing my profit margin (for business). Knowing the financial limits I face, which forces me to think creatively if I want to accomplish something new.

Also, knowing where money is spent so I can make the decision to keep spending it there in the future or not.

It’s like the king that stands watch over his empire, knowing everything (and everyone) that passes through his city’s gates.

It’s like being the NSA for your own finances, ever watchful, ever spying on what your citizens (i.e. your dollars) are doing.

I guess that’s alright since your own dollars don’t have any privacy rights anyway.

When January rolls around I run the numbers on how the dollars were spent in the prior year. All I have to do for this is do the numbers for December because the other 11 months have already been done.

Then I see how things went for the entire prior year with different categories for where the money was spent. And it gives me the information I need to be in control of what should happen in the upcoming year.

Then I do the same thing again in February for the prior month. Wash, rinse, repeat.

In short, the reward is control and the byproduct of control is added confidence.

That’s why I think everyone should get better control over their money. It’s a confidence thing. And a confident life is much more fun to live than an insecure life.

Which is why my clients have access to tools like WealthGuard that aggregates all their accounts into one place so they can easily and instantly see what they have and how it’s done in the past up to the present.

There’s no sense being in the dark about these types of things.

And being in the know helps people to better stay committed to their financial plan.

And that, above all else, is the one thing that most helps a person reach their goals in retirement, helps them to maintain their lifestyle, and helps them not worry about running out of money in retirement.

Simply put… a plan.

Anyway, if you have aspirations of spying on your own dollars like the NSA to make sure they aren’t doing anything “unpatriotic” to your retirement plan, and maybe are questioning whether you should have a plan in the first place to help you better prepare for retirement, then click below to see if a plan may be able to help you more confidently retire (and stay retired).

I’ll give you a call at the number you provide and we’ll have a chat to see if I may possibly be able to help you.