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A deep dive into a Variable Annuity illustration… good deal or bad?

Variable Annuity Illustration2Quick heads up: This article along with video is kinda long-ish. I get into some details that may bore the average person. But if you are considering an annuity, especially a variable annuity, this article and video will show you how to dissect the annuity illustration to better understand if this is a good deal or a bad deal.


Here’s the background on this story. Having a web presence with this website allows me to meet people from all over this country. This is one real life case (of many) of someone that reached out to me because they had been pitched a variable annuity. They sent me the illustration and we had an intelligent discussion about it. What I’m going to show you is how to look at an annuity illustration to truly understand what the real benefit is. Then you can decide if that benefit is worth it.Continue Reading

Dow Hits 20,000 For The First Time. What Does This Mean For Investors?

On Wednesday January 25th 2017 the Dow Jones index hit 20,000 for the first time. Not only is this an all-time high for the Dow, it is a psychological number.

On that same day the NASDAQ hit a new all-time high passing 5,650. And the S&P on the following day briefly surpassed 2,300. Not as exciting psychologically as the number 20,000; but never the less these are new all time highs.

A lot of the growth in the market lately has occurred after the presidential election. And much of that growth is based on anticipation of lower corporate taxes, some deregulation, and increased government spending on infrastructure. But it is also fair to note that there could be some headwinds as well, as there is talk of increased tariffs on imported goods from some countries, namely Mexico.

So what does the smart investor do?

Let’s keep this simple and break it down to 4 key takeaways for investing in this new environment.Continue Reading

Investing and Short Term Stock Market Performance

It can be very tough investing in retirement. When you retire you get a big pot of money called a 401(k) (or TSP, or other qualified retirement plan), and you have to manage it wisely to last you the rest of your life (and your spouse’s life if you’re married).

For most people this will involve investing it. Perhaps even investing a portion of it in the stock market. The stock market can be volatile. No one can perfectly predict it. And if you are not an investing expert, you will often doubt your own buy/sell decisions.Continue Reading

Retirement Investing and Risk Return Tradeoff

Have you ever heard your buddy brag about how much money he made on “X” stock? It usually goes something like:

“I bought Intel when it was trading for mere dollars. Then I sold it at the peak and had a 500% return on my money!”

Here are some things your buddy probably didn’t tell you:

  1. That he only used about $500 of his $600,000 portfolio to buy shares. So his overall portfolio return attributable to this investment is quite small.
  2. That time he bought Enron stock and lost all of his investment.
  3. The amount of risk he had to take to generate the return on his Intel investment

And point number 3 is the one we need to focus on today. In order to generate return on investment you have to take risk. And the expected return should be in line with the amount of risk.Continue Reading

Inflation In Retirement… Guaranteed Loss On Your Investment

Sam Ewing had a great quote:

“Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.”

If you buried your cash in your back yard and dug it up 10 years later, inflation would have caused it to be worth less. It’s like a loss on your money, even though the actual dollar amount stayed the same.Continue Reading

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