Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond

At Retirement Planning Made Easy, we realize that there is more to life than money.

Our clients take pride in spending time with their families, helping out the community, and living each day to the fullest because life is about what we do, not what we make.

Chris Hammond

The President and founder of Retirement Planning Made Easy, Chris has been helping retirees plan their retirement since 2012. By having an online operation, he can now broaden the number of people he can serve. This has been a rewarding experience, as he is now able to bring a level of professionalism to clients all across the country, enabling them to enjoy retirement planning strategies they may not have had available in their local geography.

The plans he primarily designs are structured to guarantee increasing income over time, help preserve principal, and build in liquidity and flexibility simultaneously.


To learn more about how he helps clients accomplish these goals, click the button below to download his free ebook on annuities and how when they are used properly as a part of an overall portfolio strategy can help retirees reach their goals of:

-Having income that lasts throughout their whole retirement

-Income that increases automatically regardless of what the market does

-And helps preserve their principal to help them not run out of money in retirement

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