Our Beliefs

These are our core beliefs for retirement planning, to better help retirees, and those retiring soon, generate the income they need and help preserve their wealth throughout retirement.

We believe planning for retirement today can be stressful due to the challenges of protecting one’s savings, maintaining growth on investments, and generating sufficient income that will last the rest of one’s life… and doing all three of these at the same time.

We believe that generating income that is guaranteed to automatically get bigger overtime, regardless of what the stock market does, helps retirees have less stress and more enjoyment in retirement.

We believe that many retirees, and those approaching retirement, are investing (perhaps even unknowingly) in a way that exposes them to too much risk, and does not best serve them as they transition from a more aggressive accumulation phase to a more conservative preservation phase of life.

We believe that products, (i.e annuities, mutual funds, etc.,) are wrongly overemphasized. And that the best way is to focus on a plan that meets the income, asset preservation, and liquidity goals of a retiree. The right mixture of products will logically flow from proper planning and thus better benefit a retiree.

We believe that the right mixture of products can help guarantee lifetime income, allow for automatic increases in income over time, help potentially re-grow principal, and help preserve assets, all at the same time. This is the type of planning we provide for retirees.

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