First time scheduling a call with me? See below what to expect.

[Are you a client or have we already spoken before? Skip to the bottom of the page and choose a convenient time for yourself on my calendar for us to meet.]


If this is your first time to speak with me, this is what to expect so there are no surprises and you feel as comfortable as possible before booking an appointment to chat with me.

The purpose of our first meeting: To help you determine the value of our services and see if it makes sense for us to consider working together.

How I help people: By showing you how to have income you can never outlive, that automatically gets bigger over time, and help you position your assets in a way for long-term growth potential while minimizing taxes.

Who do I best serve: I best serve people over age 50 that have diligently saved and accumulated investment and retirement assets. They are facing concerns about being prepared for retirement and want to make sure their money lasts them throughout retirement. They typically want to delegate retirement planning duties to an expert so they can focus on the things they enjoy doing in retirement.


Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1: Schedule your first call with me. This is an informal discovery call. Nothing is for sale. In this call we both are discovering if it makes sense to consider working together. If you feel it’s not the right fit for you, no hard feelings.

If we both determine it makes sense to go forward…

Step 2: Have a design meeting, where we together design a retirement plan that helps meet your goals of being prepared for retirement

If you feel one of the plans is just what you were looking for then…

Step 3: Have a third meeting where we bring the plan to life. As a client we will have regular follow-up meetings to help make sure you stay on track throughout your entire retirement.

Ready to take the First Step? Just pick a spot on my calendar below:

Pick a convenient time on my calendar. I look forward to chatting with you!